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Three Women.  Three Authors. 

Three Different Approaches to Publishing.


Chrysa Smith, Mary Fran Bontempo and Carmen Ferreiro Esteban


             So you finally finished writing “The Great American Novel.”  Or maybe you’ve put the final touches on that children’s book you’ve been penning.  Perhaps you just want to publish your memoirs for posterity.  How do you go from typing on your computer to holding that finished book in your hands?


            Authors Mary Fran Bontempo, Chrysa Smith and Carmen Ferreiro Esteban share their interesting, maddening but ultimately fulfilling experiences about writing and publishing their books.  Each author chose a different path to bring her manuscript to publication and they share with readers lessons learned along the way. 


            The writers target different audiences with their works.  In her Everyday Adventures, Or, As My Husband Says, “Lies, Lies and More Lies”, Mary Fran Bontempo laughs her way through the trials and tribulations of modern day womanhood, taking the reader along for the ride.

The Adventures of the Poodle Posse, penned by Smith, details the antics of three cuddly canines as they share their days with their loving but occasionally confused owner, Mrs. Flout.  And Two Moon Princess, written by Ferreiro Esteban, tells the fantastical story of a discontented medieval princess, eager to live life on her own terms, who lands in modern day California. 


Writing may be the hardest part, but it is only part of the battle.  To hear how to take the next step to publishing, let authors Bontempo, Smith and Ferreiro Esteban share their experiences with your group or class.  Contact the authors for more information.

                       Mary Fran Bontempo                       maryfranbontempo@aol.com

                          Chrysa Smith                                          chrysasmith@verizon.net

                      Carmen Ferreiro Esteban                 carmen19582002yahoo.com

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