Perfectly Poised POTUS

Barack Obama is the perfectly poised POTUS. I watched him deliver his speech to the Muslim world, right on queue, right on message, right as I would have written it. And needless to say, I loved it. Regardless of his positions on the economy, healthcare, small business and bailouts, whether left or right of center, you have to admit, the man is one incredible communicator.

He hit hot button topics, one after the next, speaking to an audience whose political and religious positions may be polar opposite of the western world, yet he managed to respectfully lay out both sides of the issues, recognize our differences and then, as a good architect of word and thought, reel it back in to point out that our similarities as human beings are far greater.

Kudos to POTUS. We need this talk, over and over and over again. If the great spiritual leaders of the world have still yet to instill the message to humankind, then perhaps, maybe a unique president with an African, Muslim, Caucasian, Christian and economically challenged history can. I certainly wish him luck. I’m tired of division; didn’t even like it much in school.


—Chrysa Smith