Everyday Adventures–The Book!

Everyday Adventures

Everyday Adventures

Come Along for the Ride!

It’s 4:00 P.M. Time to pick up one kid, drop off another one, then stop at the dry cleaners, grocery store and bank before heading home to make dinner, clean up the kitchen, check homework, pack the next day’s lunches, press your pants for work, exchange a few words with your husband, and then fall into bed before doing it all over again tomorrow.

For most women, getting through the day requires a sense of humor, unwavering positive thinking, and occasionally, removal of all sharp objects from the kitchen. The ability to laugh proves essential, for if not laughing, we would probably flood the planet with our collective wailing.

Although my fantasy life is glamorous, fascinating and constantly fulfilling, my real life is, well, real. Living with a husband, two twenty-somethings, a teenager and a dog with digestive problems, everyday is an adventure. From finding lost keys, to managing dating problems, to getting the dog outside before she loses her breakfast, life, while perhaps not always riveting, is never dull.

As the kids have grown, we’ve gone from skinned knees, broken toys and tears to body piercings, broken hearts and more tears. Traveling this road with a husband who is often baffled by the goings-on around him keeps things interesting. In order to spare him any undue stress, I keep him on a strict diet of “needs to know” information. He’s really much happier that way.

Come join me on my everyday adventures. You’ll find much that’s familiar, along with a smile to get you through the day. (Even if it’s only one of smug satisfaction while recognizing that you’re in better shape than me!)

To order your copy, click here!

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