The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: The Series

[The Adventures of the Poodle Posse is a juvenile fiction series for young readers. A unique format of two short illustrated stories in one book, that serves as a stepping-stone into chapter books.]

Follow the funny tales of a growing posse of mini poodles whose adventures keep their loving owner, Mrs. Flout, on her toes, spun around and baffled—wh i l e teaching lessons about life and love along the way. The lessons of the first two stories include sharing and caring about others, as told through the loving eyes of some furry friends. Silver recipient of a MOM’S CHOICE AWARD for juvenile fiction, 2009.

The Adventures of the Poodle Posse

The Adventures of the Poodle Posse

Grab your beach ball and your shovel and come join Woody, Archie, Daisy and Mrs. Flout—-as the Adventures continue, in the garden, at the shore and with a whole new host of furry friends in book #2: The Princess and the Frenchmen/No Dogs Allowed! [coming summer 2009] that make managing the posse even more puzzling. Contains lessons of acceptance, standing up for what is right and resetting your sails when the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. Suggested for grades 2-4, or as a readaloud for younger children. Writing prompts, blogs, trivia, work philosophy, calendar and more can be found on


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