Gearing Up—The Chestnut Hill Book Festival

Go to fullsize imageThere’s a new book festival in town, and next week, Carmen, MaryFran and I will be there–at the signing tent, at a gallery, and yes, even at a closed car dealership. (What can I do to put you and this book together today?)

As a juvenile fiction writer, I’ve got to get my groove back on. Once the school year ends, my work comes to an abrupt halt. If you’re a teacher, you get it—and I suspect, you’re glad. You get a well-deserved break from the routine; a chance to recharge the batteries. But as an author with a new book scheduled for release later this summer, the silence is unnerving. I can tell the press. I can tell bookstores. I can tell my email contacts. But I must wait to talk to my main audience—the teachers who are lying on the beach, in Europe, in their yards with their phones off the hook.

Waiting is not my strong point. So, I will take myself, my books (so glad I will soon have two titles)to the Chestnut Hill Book Festival and talk about the new, soon-to-be released title, as I wait to tell the world. I can hardly wait!

If you go: The Chestnut Hill Book Festival runs Friday night, July 10th through Sunday, July 12th. MaryFran, Carmen and I will be there on Sunday afternoon, July 12th, between 1 and 4pm; at the car dealership, at the gallery and at the signing tent, respectively. More info:


Chrysa Smith

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