On Women, Mothers & Writing

View ImageAlthough I live at home with a husband, son and two male poodles, I spend most of my time communicating with women, moms, young girls–the entire spectrum, if you count regular conversations with my 86 year old mother, of the female population. Lots of it revolves around my writing career, since that is my life’s work, my professional pursuit and my joie de vivre. But, actually, so much of my time is spent on women’s stuff—the routines, errands and experiences we encounter daily that delight, tickle, amuse or just keep me engaged in life—especially during these weather patterns bereft of sunshine.

Just yesterday, as I was sitting in my dentist’s office, reading yet another new women’s magazine, I was struck, first of all, by the guts of two Philadelphia area women starting up a new magazine in the midst of a terrible economy and terrible time for print media. Good for them, I thought. It’s targetted to mothers in the region, and contains a good bit of mother humour—which also happens to tickle me. And then I thought about all the women, just in the Delaware Valley, who are doing incredible things that are being communicated, and those which are not. I thought of the women I meet on my book tours who run around with that idea for a great picture book; a collection of family stories; tales of incredible life events. What happens to these stories? Only a fraction are told to others; only a fraction make it to paper; only a fraction go further on to create a final piece for all to read.

We all have stories to tell, and I want to encourage women to tell them. From the simplest of events, a story rises out, connection happens and networks form. It’s one of the great things about being a woman—we’ve got friends and we’ve got stories. If we could only learn to put them together, have a little faith and take the same advice we give to our children, our friends, our family members—Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Chrysa Smith


  1. June 16, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    It seems we women thrive on support from other women – there’s something very sisterly about female friends & relatives who take the time to listen to our stories. It’s what I find with my cartoons too – I guess they are a version of a super-short story – when one of my cartoons connects with another woman friend, that’s a warm spark that I really enjoy! I try not to feel guilty that some of my cartoons are not ‘equal-opportunity laughs’ – women are a market too, and a big one at that, let’s capitalize on that!

    • chrysasmith said,

      June 16, 2009 at 9:36 pm

      bravo Pat. You are so right. Your cartoons are forwarded weekly to my email list, to give them a laugh and to maybe generate some more leads for you as well. And as you can guess, the majority of those are women.

  2. October 28, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    We need more women’s stories, because we shape the generations and add our quiet voices to the discussions that sometimes change the world. We must assert our rights to the equal opportunity to be ourselves, in all our complex diversity!

    • chrysa smith said,

      October 28, 2010 at 4:27 pm

      Hi Word Alchemist,
      I invite you to read our regular ongoing blog: notreadyforgrannypanties.com. If you’re middle-aged, a writer or have a topic you’d like to add, we welcome guest bloggers on topics that would be of interest to our audience: middle aged women. Take a look.

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